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TIDE Application Suite

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TIDE: Track Indels with Unmatched Accuracy

  • Quantify and characterize indels in DNA sequences
  • Assess gene editing efficiency with confidence

TIDE Batch: Effortless Batch Processing

  • Process multiple input files in one go for seamless productivity

TIDER: For templated-editing

  • Gain deeper insights into genomic events for comprehensive analysis

Seamless Integration

  • With CLI Wrapper
    Command-line interface for enhanced flexibility and control

Docker Image Included

  • A standardized, portable, and isolated environment

GxP Compliancy

  • Ensure adherence to regulatory standards for data integrity and reliability
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TIDE Custom Services


  • Seamlessly integrate TIDE with your existing workflows and systems for enhanced efficiency.

Advanced Reporting Features

  • Unlock custom reporting options tailored to your specific research needs.

Dedicated Training and Support

  • Get hands-on training and access to expert support for a seamless TIDE experience

Regulatory Compliance Assurance

  • Ensure your TIDE implementation aligns with industry standards and regulatory requirements.
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