Data Curators' company culture is based on a sincere commitment to translating groundbreaking scientific discoveries into practical applications. We understand the challenges faced by scientists who dedicate their lives to research, only to encounter barriers in turning their work into usable tools due to limited academic resources.

We recognize the significant efforts of scientists who have contributed to our products and acknowledge the gradual nature of scientific progress. We assist academic achievers by keeping our eyes on the long-term goal and using our resources strategically, so that great ideas can survive the fast-paced and competitive academic environment and reach the market.

We believe in providing to our customers nothing less than extensively tested, mature products and full support. We prefer by far a solid long-lasting relationship with our customers rather than a quick return.

When we work with new colleagues, we value openness and honesty, as we recognize our team members' extensive journeys to join the company. Overall, Data Curators' culture revolves around supporting the transformative potential of scientific innovations by fostering collaboration and respect.

Join Our Team at Data Curators

At Data Curators, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of genomic software and biotech solutions. We welcome open applications, specifically from Bioinformaticians and DevOps Engineers who have knowlegde and experience in the following areas:

Fields that we are interested in:

AWS Expertise

Expertise in AWS (Amazon Web Services), adept at designing, implementing, and optimizing cloud environments to drive our innovation and efficiency within our dynamic team.

ShinyR Development

If you have a strong background in ShinyR development, we're interested in hearing from you. Your skills in creating interactive data visualizations will be an asset to our team.


Knowledge and expertise in bioinformatics tools and algorithms are essential for our projects. Experience in analyzing genomic data and interpreting results is a significant advantage.

GxP Compliance

Understanding the regulatory requirements for GxP environments is key, as we work on projects that demand the highest standards of compliance and data integrity.

Software Validation

Experience in software validation processes, including documentation and testing, is crucial for ensuring the reliability and accuracy of our solutions.

CI/CD and DevOps Practices

Proficiency in implementing continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, as well as broader DevOps practices, is highly valued in our team.


Expertise in using Terraform for infrastructure as code is a valuable skill that supports our efforts in building scalable and robust environments.

How to apply:

If you are a Bioinformatician / DevOps Engineer with expertise in one or more of the areas mentioned above and are excited about the prospect of working with us, we'd love to hear from you.
Please simply contact us for an introductory conversation or send your resume and cover letter to