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The Nobel Prize-winning genome editing technology CRISPR/Cas9 was first disclosed in 2012 and changed science forever. Suddenly everyone had the chance to modify the DNA of cells and organisms with an unprecedented precision and flexibility. The precise detection and quantification of such clever experiments however was still reliant on complex, inaccurate or slow and expensive techniques. This was a major obstacle to large scale experiments.

TIDE was developed to provide an inexpensive, fast, and reliable method for assessing the efficiency and precision of gene editing experiments. The analysis algorithm was published in 2014 by scientists Eva K. Brinkman, Tao Chen, Mario Amendola, Bas van Steensel at The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) and gained immediate popularity. With over 2000+ citations, it is one of the most cited papers in the field of DNA biotechnology.

In 2020, Data Curators acquired an exclusive license for the entire TIDE codebase. Data Curators upgraded the code, introduced a command-line interface (CLI) and the option to package the software into a Docker image for safe deployment inside private company networks.

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 We aspire to lead innovation in the biotech industry by providing outstanding software tools, support and integration with existing systems. We support innovative companies who want to scale up their operations and use genetic engineering technologies such as CRISPT/Cas9 to transform medicine and agriculture.
Our global presence and extensive network allow us to understand and address the unique needs of diverse sectors, consistently delivering exceptional value for our clients worldwide.
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 We're on a mission to turn innovative academic research into powerful and industry-grade software solution.
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We are immensely proud to announce that
 TIDE has been honored with  the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Award in recognition of exceptional contributions in the realm of DNA repair.
In 2018.
 The prestigious Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Award was initially established in 1950. It rewards the most innovative and groundbreaking technological achievements or basic scientific discoveries of the year.
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Awarded by:
Netherlands Cancer Institute: NKI
Our values:

 At the core of our business philosophy is a commitment to our customers. We keep in regular contact with all our customers and discuss potential product improvement. Whenever we create tailored solutions, we aim at exceeding their expectations and at building lasting, trusting relationships.  In addition, we are investing a lot as a company implementing GxP guidelines, especially for organizations that require data integrity to make product-related safety decisions.

Scientific Excellence

 The scientists that first conceived and developed the innovative TIDE algorithm are still closely involved in with our development team and are committed to keep Data Curators’ products up-to-date and effective in meeting evolving industry needs. Leveraging decades of experience in the field of genetics and an active academic network, our development team test all software products on the most relevant biological data and user scenarios.

Social Impact

 Startups such as Data Curators that take on the challenge of refining and optimizing academic software not only unlock its true potential, but also democratize access to valuable knowledge. By making these once challenging tools more accessible and user-friendly, they empower a wider range of researchers, educators, and professionals to harness the power of these innovations, ultimately driving progress and innovation across various fields and benefiting society as a whole.


 Data Curators’ TIDE software is a great example of dedication to quality. Our constant effort in making our product widely available, user-friendly, and extensively tested underscores our commitment to excellence. By implementing a rigorous quality management system (QMS), we ensure that each aspect of our software meets the highest performance standards and a high degree of stability.

Meet the team

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Jelle ten Hoeve


Jelle is a social entrepreneur with a background in computer science, bioinformatics, information security and privacy.

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Dr. Lorenzo Bombardelli


Dr. Lorenzo Bombardelli loves being scientist, entrepreneur, and business developer. His professional life is all about exploring the space of opportunities and ideas between business and innovative academic science.

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