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Whether you have just started your own research group, or you have been part of the science enterprise for years - taking care of your IT and Data Management needs can be a complicated and daunting task.  At Data Curators, we believe


(1) your IT requirements should be supported by experienced professionals; and


(2) your digital innovation and transformation will revolutionize scientific research and its (future) application domains.

We assist you by offering a variety of services to cater to your group's needs.


What We Offer

Professional IT and Data Curation Support

With a comprehensive range of services, Data Curators can guarantee your technology needs are not just met, but exceeded. We work closely with our clients to create customized plans that are seamlessly integrated, cost-effective and sustainable for many years to come.

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We enter into an exclusive license agreement for software developed at your group. By selling derivative products and services we increase usage and generate income. Part of the revenue will flow back to your lab and to your organisation. As an example see TIDE/R.

FAIR Data Point

Data assets will be published on your group's website as a FAIR Data Point. You manage the datasets and their exposure via Application Programming Interfaces (API), human-readable download services (XLSX, CSV) and/or selected applications. We are experts in GA4GH standards.


Apps developed or adopted by your group will be embedded in your group's website. Data assets are shared and integrated. Think of ShinyR apps, exploration tools such as cBioPortal, and electronic data capturing systems.


Portfolio of Partners

Our Shared Success

NKI Group Van Steensel

Bas van Steensel, Principle Investigator: “My group has confidently chosen Data Curators for the distribution of two key algorithms developed in my lab, TIDE and TIDER. It is their bioinformatic and engineering backgrounds combined with excellent and professional services, which makes them our perfect partner”. Koen Verhoef, who is managing the Technology Transfer Office at the institute and is involved in the business development: "These are smart guys that know what they are doing. We believe in them and set them on the path of making TIDE and TIDER widely available. Both through a publicly available and free-to-use service, as well as through commercial services to meet the more extensive requirements of certain organisations.".


Contact Us

We always want to hear from you at Data Curators. Contact us today to find the customized IT solutions that best fit your needs. Also for inquiries, custom plans and manual onboarding.

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